Ever wondered how global brands go local?
Well-crafted translation✍

English to French technical translator since 2008, I help companies successfully establish their presence in France and communicate with their French end users, partners, and clients.

My previous career in Marketing and my personal interests have led me to specialize in several fields:


Emailing campaigns, sales training guides, product descriptions, catalogs, help centers, case studies, social media messages, pitches, one-pagers.


White papers, FAQs, mobile apps, App Store descriptions, UIs, knowledge base, software localization, technical blog articles.


Technical product sheets, webpages, reports.
  • Technical blog articles

  • Sales one-pagers before a global tradeshow

  • Case studies, blog articles, press releases, full reports, marketing campaign on LinkedIn

  • Webpages, internal sales apps, emails, videos, third-party products on the Apple Online Store

  • Webpages about circularity, and recycling textiles

  • Press releases, product descriptions, blog articles

  • Product pages, emails, In-product messages, blog articles, help center, mobile app notifications

  • Mobile app interface iOS/Android, notifications, error messages

  • Webpages, software interface, release notes

  • E-commerce site based on Shopify, newletters, social media messages

  • Mobile app, app screenshots, audio scripts for YouTube videos

  • Online platform, UI for advertisers and editors, PowerPoint presentations


I knew early on that I was made for foreign languages. But I discovered Marketing when I was in college, which led me to move to Florida when I was 20. After several years of working in Marketing, something was missing. So I signed up for a Certificate in Translation at New York University and started working part-time for translation agencies in addition to my full-time job. In 2012, I quit my job in Florida, moved back to France and created my company. I now live in Lyon, and I work at Ecoworking, an amazing coworking space downtown.